Location Extreme 

at the forefront of CRM & Cloud

We have been working with CRM and GoldMine since the beginning. Let our expertise and experience bring your CRM project to life.

At Location Extreme we know how to make your CRM roll out a success. We’ve been delivering and managing CRM systems at some of the country’s most prestigious companies and banks for over a decade.


Located in Oxford, we've been working with GoldMine for over a decade and our key technical staff have been involved in CRM roll-outs since the late 1990s, when the term was first coined.


At Location Extreme, we pioneered the use of Cloud Technology to leverage the benefits of The Cloud to provide innovative CRM solutions to the UK and European market. 


Our combination of expertise, experience and unique support and training services unite as a compelling reason to choose us as your preferred CRM provider.



What our customers say about us

The reason we chose GoldMine Premium Edition was because of the great experience we had with their solutions partner Location Extreme.


​​Nick Greaves (Sales Director, Akkeron Hotels)

Location Extreme has been crucial to the success of the implementation and its subsequent development. The Citroen team has found GoldMine to be highly intuitive and easy to use, helped by Location Extreme’s initial training and regular refreshers and updates to ensure they get the best from GoldMine.


Brian Roskell (Sales Manager, Citroën)​

01865 528696