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Email Marketing with 

The problem with email marketing...

It should be simple.


You have a CRM system that everyone works on. You buy in some new data for an email marketing campaign and are sent a file of 10,000 new email addresses to prospect. You have an online email marketing system that allows you to upload your file and email your new data. So far so good.


You launch your campaign: you provide a journey for these new email contacts, creating a conversation of emails from first to last until you end up with a qualified list of new leads who are interested in your products and services.


How do you get that data to your sales team who are beavering away in your CRM?


The chances are that you have to jump through hoops to import the campaign contacts you receive back from your email marketing system into your CRM. And how do you ensure that all the campaign results are visible to your sales team?


How can you be sure that your hard earned new leads are being followed up by your sales team in a timely fashion? How will you know how effective the campaign was? Counting leads produced is all very well but did it add to the bottom line or didn't it?


It's enough to give any marketeer a headache.

And how MyGoldMail

is about to make your life so much simpler

Your lists are automatically available within MyGoldMail. Use award winning software to create your marketing campaigns and send.


Select the people you with to email using GoldMine's powerful search and segmentation tools

Now the clever bit...

MyGoldCloud listens and responds to email opens, unsubscribes, clicks, event registrations, even document downloads and.....

"Contact me" link click schedules a call in GoldMine for their account manager!

"New Product" link click updates the "Product Interest" field on their record in GoldMine!

....automatically updates GoldMine for you!

"Register for this Event" link adds the contact to the event in GoldMine!

All of their email responses are automatically written to their record in GoldMine.

Was the campaign effective?

Now you can track leads produced AND sales won as a result of your campaign from within GoldMine.



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