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Contact Management

Schedule all types of contact interactions, such as calls, meetings, appointments, follow up’s and requests. View activities via the group calendar or interactive list. Integrated with MS Outlook for mail, contacts and calendar.





Sales Automation

Schedule follow-up tasks, track customer information, such as competitor and influencer information. Powerful forecast, quota assignment and opportunity tracking capabililties for solid sales analysis.





Customer Service Tracking

Customer service center functionality which enables tracking, resolution, and reporting of service cases. Provide real-time service requests.



Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Gmail Integration & More!

Do you need to synchronise calendars with your CRM but can't? Do you want to see the emails that you send to your customers from your phone or tablet in your CRM automatically? Do you want your diaries to stay automatically up to date? Come and have a look at what GoldMine has to offer.








Lead Management

Import leads from a variety of different file formats. Assign source codes to each lead to help you segment your database on how the lead was obtained. Lead analysis allows users to easily view lead characteristics, such as conversion ratios, lead profits, and campaign performance.





Pre-built dashboards for marketing, sales opportunities, activity analysis, and customer service. Ability to configure your own dashboards. Customisable knowledge base. 160 reports and 6 built-in business analytics tools.





Marketing Automation

Customised marketing campaigns. Integration with MyGoldCloud eMarkeing Suite, Intelliclick, Mailchimp and Constant Contact email marketing suite. Target the right contacts for each customized marketing campaign.

Why choose GoldMine?

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