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We have created a secure, scalable and advanced private cloud using technology normally only found in high-end banking systems, giving you all the benefits of the Cloud without the risks or costs normally associated with hosting data away from your own IT network.

GoldMine in the Cloud

we take care of your data cloud, leaving you to take care of business.

Putting GoldMine data in the Cloud is child's play with 

Putting your CRM system in the Cloud has never been easier. You can pay monthly and with no upfront fees, any size company can get on board.


We offer several different solutions, and of course, GoldMine is customisable to your business' requirements. It's time to increase your profits with MyGoldCloud.


Because we have done all the hard work already, setup time is measured in hours not weeks, and we can have your new GoldMine system up and running on the same day that you place your order.


If you already have GoldMine then you can simply upload it to our secure cloud and one of our technicians will migrate it to our MyGoldCloud.  


It's as simple as that.

What will I get with 


  1. Your own dedicated server in our Secure Private Cloud. Our Private Cloud has no single point of failure. Everything is duplicated and backed up to ensure nothing goes wrong,  and it's guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time. Your database is backed up every 15 mins and your documents and e-mails twice a day with a 30 day retention. We employ the latest anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-hacking technology to ensure that your UK-hosted data is a secure as it's possible to be.

  2. You access Goldmine via a browser or a small app. It works on your PC, your Mac or your tablet, phablet or phone.

  3. You have access to our support and coaching team on the phone and via remote support. They are there to help you get the most out of Goldmine, not just fix problems. We call this our Coaching Service. Think of us as your in-house Goldmine experts always on hand to give advice and support.

  4. You will receive a custom training service to ensure your team gets the most out of GoldMine. Whether you are new to GoldMine and need to start with the basics, or have used it for a while and have users with bad habits, we can help you deliver a training program designed around the way you work, with a custom manual, policy guide and usage structure built to support your business' workflow.




What are my options?

You have three ways to get Goldmine in the cloud.

You already have GoldMine Premium Edition, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019

If you already have Goldmine we can transfer it to our secure private MyGoldCloud and host it for you.

You're struggling with an old version of GoldMine

If you already have an old version of Goldmine we can transfer it to our secure private MyGoldCloud and upgrade it for you.

You don't have GoldMine Yet!

If you don't have GoldMine you can sign up for our online cloud hosted MyGoldCloud solution and get access straightaway.

If your project requires customisation or bespoke development, you have the choice of paying a daily rate for the services required, or opting for our Enterprise Solution where we include consultancy charges in your monthly fee. Give us a call or fill in the form below to discuss the options.

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