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Meili is launching in Q3 2023

Our new range of affordable, smart individual GPS devices work with our new Meili app providing the world's first affordable outdoor GPS solution for tracking groups in the outdoors.

Our first launch, Meili Earth, is an affordable, smart & rugged individual GPS device designed for Skiing, Moutain Biking, Snow Boarding, Hiking, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, school trips, and similar outward bound activities. Meili Earth trackers are managed via the Meili app:

The Meili app contains terrain-specific outdoor maps that are country specific (such as Ordnance Survey in the UK) and the unique ability to share the location of any number of trackers on one screen. Group admins can view tracker locations, set tracker location update frequency, follow tracker routes, and respond to individual SOS alerts received from trackers. 

Want to know more? Visit the Meili website at


Expedition ready GPS trackers and the Meili app.

We looked long and hard to find a simple tracking solution with SOS feature, that could be used to safeguard participants, and to locate, track and analyse their movements. Whilst there are an array of personal GPS devices out there, they are all hampered by three fundamental problems,

1. they don't track teams or groups of individuals (or event participants, or boats) well

2 the battery life for GPS devices is always poor, often losing charge within 8-20 hours of being turned on. This is no good for expeditions and journeys that may last from 2 to 30 days.

3 GPS devices that can stay on for more than a couple of days are unaffordable for the kinds of organisations that need them in significant numbers

And as for the name Meili? Meili was the norse god of travel, brother to Thor, son of Odin. What's not to like?

Want to know more? Visit the Meili website at

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Unique features

alkaline batteries and a yellow metal AA

Uniquely affordable, with each device (designed and assembled in the UK) uniquely priced at under £50.


Unique in its battery life, with a single handheld Meili having a battery life in excess of 30 days. Ideal for tracking and locating all participants in expeditions, on ski trips, school trips, ultra-endurance events and even sailboats & yachts during regattas.


Unique in its cloud tech: each Meili reports it's location and movement data to a secure encrypted cloud layer which can be accessed by you, via a secure portal to show the location of all of your devices, in real time or at regular intervals (you choose).

Want to know more? Visit the Meili website at

You can Geo-fence devices to receive alerts when they move out of a defined area or display unusual activity, for example,

  • Has a Duke of Edinburgh Expedition of school children wandered off course? Has one of the group become separated from the others?

  • Has an event participant (in an ultra marathon, or from a ski school, or regatta) deviated from their course, or stopped moving?

Unique SOS feature

Pop the cap & hold down the SOS button and the operator receives an alert message, and a link to the portal to display your exact location.

The SOS feature also alerts via text message so that expedition operators can see the location of the SOS and use their mobile phone to route from their location to the tracker immediately.

We've combined next gen GPS technology with smart cloud tech and the unique capabilities of our brand new GPS battery tech to create something truly unique.



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