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We host any app...

You've made the decision to move to the cloud, but not all of the apps you use are Cloud ready. No problem, we will host and web enable your app for you.

The simplest way to integrate your systems and data with our GoldMine cloud solution is to let us do it for you.


It's all very well having your staff sit through IT training sessions but who reminds them what to do two weeks later when they come to use the system in anger for the first time? We do. Our support staff support your staff. Revolutionary. We'll connect to their GoldMine sesssion and remind them how to do the email shot or data import or call scheduling or whatever else it is that they're stuck on. The result? Your staff become confident GoldMine users and you see a better return on investment.

Integration Services


Web based, at your office, in your local Costa Coffee, at our training centre, big group, small group, one-2-one, train the trainer. We've got it covered.

Technical Support

The key to the success of any software company is the quality and accessibility of its support team. Ask our customers if we have a good support service and you'll get a resounding yes, we're lucky to have one of the best support teams around. Operating from our Oxfordshire offices our team are keen, conscientious and accessible.

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