Cloud Telephony with 

Simple Cloud Telephony and Cloud CRM,

Fully Integrated.

Make calls and replay conversations directly from Goldmine


SYNETY CloudCall Click transforms Goldmine into a powerful communications system using state of the art Cloud technologies.


CloudCall Click can quickly and efficiently be integrated into your MyGoldCloud solution, allowing users to make phone calls directly from GoldMine as well as record outgoing phone calls.


CloudCall Click can be used on any current PBX or landline infrastructure, meaning you don't have to change your current phone system.


How CloudCall will benefit your business


No need to change your existing phone system
Easy to use, deploy and implement


Immediate ROI with access to low cost calls
Calls to mobiles from 2ppm and 0.75ppm to landline


Increase the accuracy of billing times
with real time timesheets, backed up by the actual call recordings


Real time performance analytics
Allowing you to monitor and improve staff productivity and efficiency


Develop a performance culture within your organisation




Works with any device

Staff can use their own mobile for work calls with no data transfer or exchange on their device as the calls are made and stored in our hosted CloudCall platform


By rating calls and service levels - CloudCall measures the performance of your teams down to the individual


Help achieve compliance for companies who require concrete voice recordings
All call recordings can be stored up to 7 years


Enable your business to search and monitor voice calls in the same way as company email

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