Security of your data forms the cornerstone of our operation. Our data centre is ISO 27001 and PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified and our Private Cloud is designed to ensure no single point of failure can cause a system outage. We have an amazingly rigorous disaster recovery strategy with 15 minute off site backups with 28 day retention and continuous SQL recovery. 


All data is housed in a separate cluster of servers to ensure no hardware failure can cause data loss, and you get your own virtual server to host Goldmine on, which again is hardware independent meaning no hardware failure will result in your server shutting down.


To ensure safe handling of your data all of our staff are checked for Criminal Records and other factors such as financial stress, which might make them unsuitable to handle confidential or valuable data and we are certified to the UK Governments Cyber Essentials scheme which is a requirement for any company providing services to the UK Government. Details of the Cyber Essentials Scheme can be found here or by clicking on the logo to the right.

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